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A-Advantage Drop Off/Pop In Tax Work

Our Drop Off/Pop In tax service is a great time saver for general tax preparation. We require a retainer for new clients, generally not less than our base fee of $140.00, and 15 minutes of your time to complete the following forms:

Once the forms are completed we provide you with a pick up time ranging from 1 to 24 hours. We then contact you via phone or email to confirm any and all final matters including the method you receive your prepared forms. Forms can be emailed, in which case you would need to sign electronic filing forms, as well as any other forms that are necessary. Forms can also be sent via U.S. mail. You may have to come into the office to pick up, sign and finish paying, if applicable.

Finally we collect payment via debit/credit card payment, or you may pay the balance of fees with a check and return of the required signature forms. We will not electronically file the return without payment and signature.

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